Expanding Your Efforts

Expanding Your Efforts

Once you start engaging in work-based learning activities in your community and seeing the impacts to your business, community, and our state – you may be ready to dive in deeper! You may be able to get started on some of these activities on your own, but you may want to connect with staff at Idaho Leader first.  Nearly all of these projects require collaboration with other organizations and we can make introductions that will get your project off to a strong start.

Learning About Work

Engaging with educators to assist with career pathway planning

Providing an opportunity for students to job shadow your employees

Becoming a mentor through the STEM Action Center’s Mentorship Portal

Hosting a teacher during the summer to bring real-world experiences into the classroom

Learning Through Work

Partnering with an industry association to develop a program to teach workplace skills

Hosting a competitive job skill-building event to collaborate on project-based activities

Learning At Work

Developing a registered apprenticeship program

Partnering with state agencies and community-based organizations to leverage on-the-job training programs

Developing or expanding apprenticeship programs to recruit high school students

Applying for a Workforce Training grant to train workers in your area