Getting Started with Work-Based Learning

Getting Started

Taking your first steps into the world of work-based learning can be relatively easy and doesn’t have to involve creating new programs or offerings at your business. No matter what stage of the continuum you’re hoping to plug into, there are ways you can get involved with little (though meaningful) effort.

Learning About Work

Volunteering to support career advising efforts in your local school district

Presenting information on careers in your industry (or at your business) to educators, students, or adults in your community

Volunteering to speak about your industry in educational settings offered by institutions, government agencies, or civic organizations

Sending your employees to speak with students about their careers

Hosting a tour for middle or high school students or participating in school-organized career fairs

Learning Through Work

Connect with college and career advisors to reach high school interns

Connect with a postsecondary institution to identify cooperative education opportunities

Learning At Work

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